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Scam Alerts

Common Phone and Email Scams

  • Phishing - Thieves attempt to get personal information by luring victims to a replica webpage or email that resembles a real webpage.
  • Spamming - An email is sent to a large list of recipients. These emails sometimes contain viruses or spyware and may also be a tool for phishing scams.
  • Pharming - The victim is redirected to an illegitimate website instead of the one the victim wants.
  • Vishing - A type of phishing done over the phone. The victim is asked to call a phone number or visit a website and enter sensitive information.

New scams are constantly being invented to trick you into giving out your information. For the most recent scam information please visit https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/scam-alerts

Please know that Community Focus Federal Credit Union Credit Union will never request personal information in the form of an email. Never reply to an email asking for sensitive account information.

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