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Kick Off Your Super Bowl Party on a Budget

Authored By: Community Focus FCU on 1/21/2022

Super Bowl Party on a Budget

With prices skyrocketing putting on a Super Bowl Party this year may require some forethought and planning so that your expenses stay under control. Here are some tips that may help!

  1. Don’t fumble the decor: Keep it simple with the fun dollar store decorations or choosing party goods in your team colors instead of branded items. If you feel extra creative, check out how this DIY Lombardi trophy can be made with very few resources.  
  2. Kick off the party with some easy snacks: For starters, buy a few bags of munchies, such as pretzels and potato chips – but cut costs by buying generic labels rather than the big-name brands. Veggie platters are another great snack to serve early on in the game, and they don’t have to be pricey if you assemble them yourself.
  3. Huddle for a potluck: Don’t make a rookie mistake by purchasing and preparing all the food on game day. Invite your guests to bring their favorite game dish to share and celebrate potluck style!
  4. Tackle the drinks: Make an easy signature game day punch. Get punch recipes here or ask your guests BYOB if they want to drink something different.
  5. Score extra points with  the Super Bowl trivia: Although between halftime show and the commercials, you might not even need it.  

Enjoy the game, company and fun!

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