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How to Enroll in the Online Banking?


Step 1: Go to communityfocusfcu.org website and click “Online Banking” in the top right corner.

Step 2: Click on “Enroll in online banking” as shown below.

Enrollment Step 1

Step 3: Follow the prompts and check the box that says “I’m not a robot”, then click “Continue.”

Enrollment Step 2

Step 4: Enter your Member ID (Account Number) & PIN (Last 4 digits of your SSN) and Street Number and click “Next.”

Enrollment Step 3

Step 5: Setup your Logon ID (username) & Security Code (password) and click “Enroll.” Click on the Question Mark symbol for the Logon ID and Security Code/Password character length and requirements. Your new Logon ID does not have to be the current CFFCU Account Number. 

Enrollment Step 5

Step 6: When enrollment is successful, you will see a confirmation message below. Click the link "here" to log on with your new Logon ID and Security Code. 

Enrollment Step 6

Enrollment Step 7

Step 7: You will select 3 challenge questions and answer those questions upon login.  *Hint* The answers have to be longer then 4 characters, make sure to either remember these or write them down as we are unable to see them at the Credit Union.  Once completed click “Continue.”

Enrollment Step 8

Step 8: Our Credit Union online banking terms and conditions will display.  Check the box that says “I have read and accept the terms and conditions” and then click “Continue.”

Enrollment Step 9

Step 9: You will be prompted to enter their email address and cell phone number to receive online banking alerts notifications.  Click “SAVE."

Enrollment Step 9

You are now completely enrolled in our online banking system and will see your accounts.

Enrollment Step 10





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