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E-statements - Simpler, Secure, More Convenient

Authored By: Community Focus FCU on 5/11/2022

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E-statements - Simpler, Secure, More Convenient

In a fast-paced world of ever-changing banking technology one thing has remained – our commitment to ease and security. How you receive important financial documents is integral to banking safety.

Paper statements are an easy target for identity theft. They can be stolen from your mailbox or picked right out of your trash.

E-statements are simple and secure alternative. E-statements provide protection and less paper which reduces clutter on kitchen tables and filing cabinets.

E-statements are easy to store, more efficient and help keep you consistently informed.

Once enrolled, we will send you an email each time your statement is ready. Simply, log in to your Online Banking and view your current E-Statement or your past E-Statements. So, when tax season approaches your information is easily accessible from one place. E-Statements – simpler, more secure, more convenient.


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