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2022 Cash for Class Grant Recipients

Community Focus Federal Credit Union is proud to offer grants to the Downriver area teachers through its Cash for Class grant program. We recognize that educators don’t always have the funds to accomplish certain classroom projects and we are here to offer help. 

In 2022 we were able to offer three grants at $500 each. We were humbled by the amount of interest and the obvious need. We appreciate each and every application that was submitted and regret that we were not able to support everyone at this time.

Our selection committee chose to award the following projects:

Ms. Mazur, Renton Jr. High School, Huron Schools

Ms. Mazur would like to purchase flexible seating options for her classroom. All students in her classroom have learning disabilities and often need to move while learning at school. Having alternative seating options would contribute to students’ engagement with the material being taught. 

Ms. Solak, Bennie Elementary School, Allen Park Public Schools

Ms. Solak is a Media Technology teacher excited about introducing robotics into the STEM curriculum at the Allen Park elementary schools. Her goal is to purchase enough Coding Critters robots for the classroom to enable students to work individually or partner with other students. The coding robots are great for helping students learn the building blocks of coding that will later help them as they progress to online-based coding programs. The story books included with the coding robots are great incentive to help students further their reading skills. 

Ms. Taylor, Madison Center, Wyandotte Public Schools

Ms. Taylor’s project goal is to create for her students with severe physical and/or cognitive disabilities an opportunity to run a concession stand for the Wyandotte High School baseball team outfitted with their own cart, display containers, uniforms and even baseball caps. This is great authentic work experience for students who often lack the vocational, social and communication opportunities to help reach their potential. 

Congratulations to the Community Focus FCU Cash for Class Recipients!

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