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2023 Cash for Class Grant Recipients

Community Focus Federal Credit Union is proud to offer grants to the Downriver area teachers through its Cash for Class grant program. We recognize that educators don’t always have the funds to accomplish certain classroom projects and we are here to offer help. 

In 2023 we were able to offer three grants at $500 each. We were humbled by the amount of interest and the obvious need. We appreciate each and every application that was submitted and regret that we were not able to support everyone at this time.

Our selection committee chose to award the following projects:

Ms. Karen Dunholter - Anderson High School, Southgate

The Cash for Class grant will contribute to funding the Titan Pride Program at Anderson High School. The Titan Pride Program ensures that every individual has an opportunity to be recognized, regardless of their involvement in sports or academics. This initiative is critical in nurturing well-rounded students who can positively contribute to the school and the wider community. 

Ms. Heather Sueta - Jefferson Elementary, Wyandotte

Ms. Sueta's goal is to enhance the Peace Room at Jefferson Elementary school with sensory furniture items such as sensory chairs, tents, and a crash pad. All students in the school will have the opportunity to visit the Peace Room during the school day if they need to self-regulate their behavior. Learning social-emotional skills is essential for students and the Peace Room provides a safe opportunity to practice them in a school setting.

Ms. Zollars, Madison Center, Wyandotte 

Ms. Zollars will use the Cash for Class grant to fund the soap-making enterprise at Madison Center to support students' post secondary education goals. Students with multiple physical and/or cognitive impairments have very few postsecondary skill builiding programs in the Downriver area. The skills that the students will be working on for the soap-making microbusiness will ultimately support their success in the postsecondary environments with transferreable social, vocational and communication skills. 

Congratulations to the Community Focus FCU Cash for Class Recipients!

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