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My dream was to buy my first house but I knew I needed to repair my credit to put myself in the best position possible. I decided to see what Community Focus Federal Credit Union had to offer by way of providing some kind of assistance in helping to make homeownership a possibility. The Credit Union was advertising credit counseling. I decided to make a appointment to talk to the Loan Manager. She sat down with me and we went over my credit report in detail. She asked me what my goals and objectives were and helped me to analyze each goal and what was needed to accomplish it. She suggested that I apply for a credit union Visa card, open up a checking and savings account and have my employment payroll deposited directly into my account. That's what I did and within 6 months I was able to repair my credit and raise my score. I saved enough for a down payment and within 8 months I was the proud owner of my first home. I can't say enough of how I really appreciate the patience, professionalism and perseverance that my loan representative showed me. Thank you so much Community Focus Federal Credit Union!

Sonja B.


I was a brand new member to Community Focus FCU and needed a car loan. The employees at the Credit Union were awesome and went out of their way to help me. I had my new car within one day. I have never seen a financial institution be so helpful and friendly. 

Michael S.


Community Focus FCU has always taken care of my financial needs.

Doyle B.


I got my car loan from Community Focus FCU. I owe $3,700 on it. Next...maybe a boat!

Roger B.


I entered into a bankruptcy in September 2019 and opened my account at Community Focus FCU that same year to finance my vehicle there. Unfortunately, I got divorced and disabled the next year and my credit score went down significantly. Community Focus FCU worked with me to help me improve my credit. I was approved for a $2,000 credit card and now my credit score is between 620 and 700. Community Focus FCU has also helped me on the road to refinance my home...which will be next! I am so happy I followed their advice and guidance.

Larry S.


I joined the Credit Union in 1979 when it was called National Steel Credit Union. I have watched good friends who worked there and retired from there like it was a large happy family.Today, most faces are new but they are still friendly and helpful. Most people change banks 3 or 4 times but for me it has been a 42 year relationship with Community Focus FCU. I enjoyed the people who work there and the convenient locations.

Michael F. 


I joined Community Focus FCU in 1975 after getting an office job at National Steel. You financed my furniture when I got married, you financed several automobiles (and one RV) through the years and my children had savings accounts with you. Even though I moved to other states (and you changed your name a few times), I stayed with you and when I returned to Michigan you provided me opportunities to do home improvements. I'm what you'd call a loyal customer and a happy one!

Debra P.


I am one of the early members of Great Lakes Steel Credit Union in Ecorse. Several family members have joined and are still our members now. Community Focus FCU financed two boats for me and I was always very satisfied. I continue to use the online banking and the bill pay services and have always received great assistance. 

Anthony G.


The banking alone is outstanding. The tellers are doing an outstanding job on daily basis. Keep up the great work and thank you!

Samuel S.


My grandfather worked his entire life at GLS and as a result, he opened an account for me when I was 9 years old. Over the last 35 years, CFFCU has helped me buy my first car, my first credit card, my first checks, my first debit card, and answered any questions I might have had along the way but, truth be told, the ladies always did a great job explaining things so that even at 18 or 20 I left feeling like I knew what I was doing. Huge thank you to anyone there that has been around this long as you've more than likely made my life easier or at the very least, easier than it would have been if I used the Comerica down the street.

Rob P.


My husband and I became members of the Credit Union in 1972. Through the years, the Credit Union has served us well by providing great rates and service. They have been exceptionaly helpful and I know I can always depend on them when needed. The last time I borrowed was when I purchased my dog Madison for my 50th birthday. The Credit Union made it very easy with our establied line of credit. I am so grateful to have been a member of this great institution for all these years.

Marlene W.


I was in need of a vehicle three years ago. The loan officers helped me through the process and gave me a great interest rate also. The people here are so helpful and caring. Thank you Community Focus FCU for helping me with all of my needs!

Donna L.



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