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Credit Score Enhancement

At Community Focus Federal Credit Union we believe that everyone can benefit from enhancing their credit score! A higher credit score can result in lower interest rates, higher credit limits and more favorable financing terms. With a higher credit score, you can pay less on your loans, have lower monthly payments and say good bye to the ridiculously exorbitant interest rates on your credit cards.

Schedule your Credit Score Enhancement (CSE) appointment and give us 30 minutes of your time to see if we can help you lower your bills and put more savings in your pocket. During the appointment, a specially trained Credit Union Loan Counselor will meet with you and privately review your credit report. We’ll review your credit report, bills, loans, and interest rates to look for ways to lower your bills. You will receive invaluable guidance and a rough estimate of what your credit score can be if you follow the plan crafted uniquely to your needs.  

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