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Credit Score Enhancement

At Community Focus Federal Credit Union we believe that everyone deserves the right to save money on their bills. You don’t need to be stuck with ridiculously exorbitant interest rates on your credit cards or high payments on your loans.

Schedule your Credit Score Enhancement (CSE) appointment and give us 30 minutes of your time to see if we can help you lower your bills and put more savings in your pocket.

Plus, we will give you awesome tips on how to raise your credit score and keep it high! We have done it for others and we would love to do it for you!

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See what Credit Score Enhancement has done for others!

We saved Jose $355 per month by refinancing!

  • Jose has been struggling to make payments for his two auto loans. The finance company was charging him 24.9% on each loan. We were able to help Jose save $355 per month by refinancing his two auto loans. Jose was thrilled that we could help him.  He said he had just prayed for help, then he received our call! We are not miracle workers but it sure feels good to help members who really need it.

Andy G. | Account Service Representative

We saved Vince and Gina $1,380 in interest!

  • My members were struggling with their credit scores and hesitant to sit down with us to review their credit. When they finally did, we ended up refinancing their auto loan and saving them $1,380 in interest. They were so happy with the way we handled everything and took time to explain how to improve their credit. In fact, they called me back same day to say how thankful they were that we convinced them to come in and talk with us.

​Candace Y. | Account Service Representative

We've lowered Vickie's payment by over $84 per month!

  • I noticed that Vickie had her auto loan financed somewhere else and I asked her if she would like us to see if we could save her some money. We were able to refinance her loan and lower her monthly payment by $84.39. She was so happy and excited and so was I.

Andy G. | Account Service Representative

We saved Mark $169 a month on his payment!

  • I’ve discussed my member’s auto loan with him on multiple occasions before, but I couldn’t refinance at that time. I had him get me a new payoff on his car and it still didn’t book out, so we added $2,000 to his signature loan and paid the car down enough to where I could refinance it for him. We added GAP and life insurance to his auto loan and saved him $169.00 a month on his payment. He is happy now. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Janet B. | Loan Officer

Ask us how we can save you money!

*The names of our members have been changed to protect their privacy.


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