Our new Online and Mobile Banking experience combines upgraded technology with a simplified design for ease of use plus many new features and capabilities that make banking with us that much better. 

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Online Banking

How to Login to the New CFFCU Online Banking For the First Time After the Upgrade?

Existing online banking users:

  • LOGON ID is your Current Member Number at Community Focus FCU 
    • Your Logon ID must contain at least 6-digits. 
    • If your Logon ID is less than 6 digits, you must enter leading zeroes to make it 6 digits.

Current Logon ID 12345 must be entered as 012345 
Current Logon ID 1234 must be entered as 001234 
  • SECURITY CODE (Password) is the word security (in lower case letters) + the last 4 digits of the Primary Account Holder’s SSN



You will be prompted to change your Logon ID and Security Code

Once these are changed, you will use your NEW Logon ID and Security Code the next time you log on to Online Banking.

If you have never had your CFFCU account signed up for our Online Banking, you will need to Enroll your account first. 

Step-By-Step Enrollment Help

What to Do After the Upgrade?
  • Verify your account details and personal information are accurate including all Bill Pay payee and scheduled payment information
  • Download the new CFFCU Mobile App on GooglePlay or AppStore
  • Set up alerts in the Online Banking 
  • Enroll in Credit Sense to monitor your credit and check your credit score on demand

Mobile Banking

CFFCU Mobile app offers a convenient way to check your balance, transfer funds, send money with Zelle®, deposit checks with Mobile Deposit Capture and more.

If you currently use the CFFCU Mobile App, you will need to delete it from your mobile device and download an upgraded Mobile App from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Download on Google Play    Download on the AppStore

Bill Pay

All of your Bill Pay transaction history, payee information and scheduled payments will carry over to the new digital platform.
Make sure that all your account details, personal information and any preferences that were transferred over are accurate, including all Bill Pay payee and schedule payment information.

Learn more about Bill Pay

Credit Sense

With Credit Sense, members conveniently access and monitor their credit scores and receive tips to improve it!

If you are a current Credit Sense user, you will need to re-enroll to Credit Sense in order to continue using this credit monitoring service. 

Learn more about Credit Sense

Mobile Check Deposit

You don’t need to wait in line the next time you want to deposit a check. Thanks to Mobile Check Deposit, putting money in your account is more convenient than ever. Simply use your smartphone and the Community Focus FCU mobile app to snap, submit, and deposit your checks electronically.

Learn more about Mobile Check Deposit

Zelle® (Live Launch 9/29/2022)

Zelle® is a fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and others you trust. 

If you are currently using PopMoney®, please note that that PopMoney® will be discontinued and replaced by Zelle®. Your existing payee information in PopMone®y will not convert to Zelle® and you will need to set up new payee information. 

Learn more about Zelle


Why wait for the mail when you can receive your statement electronically! Your e-statements are available to you you anytime for viewing, printing and downloading. Plus, by receiving your statement electronically you opt in for more security and less paper waste. 

Supported Browsers – Vendors update browsers frequently, mostly to address security issues. All Community Focus FCU Online Banking users should use the current browser versions: 

•  Internet Explorer® / Edge by Microsoft
•  Chrome® by Google
•  Firefox by Mozilla

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