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Cash for Class Grants

Each year, Community Focus Federal Credit Union offers Cash for Class grants for teachers from K-12 Downriver school districts.

Over the years, Community Focus FCU has been able to help supplement school libraries with books, purchase supplies for different learning areas, sponsor field trips, equip listening centers and many more. We are committed to help local educators accomplish their class objectives and bring their teaching projects to life. 

2022 Grant Amount - $500

Number of Grants Available - Three (3)

Eligibiity - Must be an educator from one of the Downriver K-12 school districts. 

Deadline to Apply - December 2, 2022.

Community Impact


Cash for Class Grant Application

Please submit your Cash for Class application electronically by December 2, 2022. By submitting this form, you agree that your name or/and likeness may be used for Community Focus FCU promotional materials. 
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Cash For Class Grant FAQs

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