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Credit Card Balance Transfer

The average household now carries a revolving balance of $15,762 with an average credit card interest rate of 18%! If that average household transfers their credit card balance to a Community Focus Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card, they could save an extra $1,893 over the introductory rate period of 12 months. After the introductory rate period, that average household would continue to save $80 per month after the promotion period.** Wow!

Does that average household description sound like you? If your current credit card interest rate is anywhere from 14% to 24% (or more) and you carry a revolving balance of $2,500 or more, you could save money if you transferred your balances over to a Community Focus Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card. Get an idea about Balance Transfer savings with this calculator

What are the advantages of transferring your balances to Community Focus VISA Credit Card?

  • Pay down your balances faster with a great introductory rate for 12 months
  • Get a low fixed rate
  • Simplify your debt with only one easy payment rather than paying multiple creditors on multiple due dates

Transferring your balances is easy!

Allow up to 10 business days for balance transfer to go through. If your payments on your other balances are due soon, it's best to make those payments even if you've already submitted a balance transfer request.

Not a current CFFCU VISA Credit Card holder?

Apply for a Community Focus FCU Loan

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. After the introductory period, the rate will revert to the APR specified in your Card Agreement for retail purchases and cash advances.

**Based on 2015 American Household Credit Card Debt Study by NerdWallet. Balance Transfer calculation performed with Community Focus Federal Credit Union Balance Transfer Calculation may be different.

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